Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1


Thank you for choosing RadLoopingList!

RadLoopingList allows users to visualize a list of data items in a single column (more columns can be simulated with a custom item data template) with great performance and a looping capability. The control uses its own UI virtualized data source and items-representation mechanism that are highly optimized. The looping capability means that once the control reaches the end of the data list, it seamlessly continues from the beginning, wrapping to the first data item. This is most easily demonstrated in the RadDatePicker control which can display the week days for example and when the list scrolls to Sunday it wraps back to Monday so that the user does not have to flick backwards.


  • Looping - The looping feature can be turned on an off with the IsLoopingEnabled property.
  • Item Sizing - RadLoopingList only supports items with uniform height. This is the core assumption on which the good performance of the control rests. The visual items size can be controlled with the ItemWidth and ItemHeight properties.
  • Snapping - The snapping feature allows the closest item to the center of the view port to always be centered. The term snapping comes from the situation in which the user flicks over the list and triggers a scroll animation. When the scrolling finishes there will most likely be an item that is close to center but not exactly at it. At this point the snapping kicks in by starting a short animation and snapping the item closest to the center exactly at the center of the view port. To use the snapping feature users have to use the IsCentered property. It is important to note the the snapping feature changes the selected item without user interaction. The item closest to center is always selected and snapped in place.
  • Collapsing - The looping list can be collapsed so that it displays only the selected item. The whole list collapses, hiding all items in the list except the selected item. The collapsing feature can be controlled with the IsExpanded property.
  • Visual Item Customization - The visual items in the looping list can be customized by providing a custom data template and assigning it to the ItemTemplate property. There is also an ItemStyle property which can be set to a style object if users need to provide more settings along with the data template.
  • Read Only - RadLoopingList can be put into a read only state via the IsManipulationEnabled property. This effectively enables or disables end-user interaction with the control. It can still be controlled programmatically.
  • Events - RadLoopingList provides two events out of the box. These are SelectedIndexChanged and ScrollCompleted. SelectedIndexChanged whenever an new item is selected, either programmatically or by the end user. ScrollComplete, as the name indicates, fires after the scrolling operation is complete.