Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1


The RadDataGrid control has a built-in Grouping UI and also provides programmatic approach for grouping.

Programmatic Grouping

Programmatic grouping can be done by adding group descriptors to the GroupDescriptors collection. There are two types of descriptors:

Each GroupDescriptor adds a new level of grouping.

Grouping UI

The Grouping UI is enabled by design. You can enable/disable it through the UserGroupMode property. You can also control its position with the GroupPanelPosition property that supports two options: { Left, Bottom }

Grouping-UI-Dragged Column

Dragging a column header to the Grouping UI adds a PropertyGroupDeascriptor to the RadDataGrid.GroupDescriptors collection.

The Grouping UI supports the following actions:

  • Reorder: You can reorder the elements in the Grouping UI and thus change the priority of the corresponding group descriptors.
  • Sort: You can sort the group headers ascending or descending by the group key.
  • Remove: You can remove groups.