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Fix Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Recording and Execution for 64bit WPF Applications

The OCR feature for WPF tests was introduced with Test Studio 2020 R2 SP1 (v.2020.2.910). You can extract the text from image and use it in verification, wait of extract steps.


This issue applies only for Test Studio 2020 R2 SP1 (v.2020.2.910) and is fixed with the installation of later versions. If you have version of Test Studio 2020.3.x or higher, you should not experience this issue.

When automating a 64bit WPF application with Test Studio, you might encounter some issues recording and executing OCR steps. Those are the OCR steps from the Quick Steps menu, or the Step Builder. The steps will not be added to the WPF test, because of a missing assembly in the installation of Test Studio. Even if you managed to add them on another machine with higher version of Test Studio, you won't be able to execute them successfully on lower versions.


Add the missing assemblies to your current installation of Test Studio. You can find and download them from here.

  1. Close all running Test Studio processes.
  2. Paste the unzipped "x64" folder in the following two places. The %installDir% is the installation folder of Test Studio, which by default is - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Test Studio".
  3. In the %installDir%\Bin folder.
  4. In the %installDir%\Bin\Plugins\TFS folder.

The above steps should fix the recording and execution of OCR steps against 64bit WPF applications.

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