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Verify Sort Order in a Silverlight DataGrid

I would like to sort a column in a Silverlight DataGrid and verify the content is in the correct order.


This is possible with a coded solution. The example below is against a Silverlight toolkit sample.

After navigating there, click DataGrid in the left-hand menu. Then click the FirstName column header to sort that column. Finally, add a coded step:

//Get the data grid.
SilverlightApp app = ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps()[0];
DataGrid grid = app.Find.ByAutomationId<DataGrid>("dataGrid");

int r = grid.Rows.Count;
List<string> list = new List<string>();

//Place the TextBlock content of the FirstName cell from each row into the string list.
for (int i = 0; i < r; i++)
    DataGridRow row = grid.Rows[i];
    DataGridCell cell = row.Cells[2];   

//Assert each string in the list is greater than the string before it.
for (int j = 0; j < list.Count; j++)
    if (j+1 == list.Count)
        Assert.IsTrue(list[j+1].CompareTo(list[j]) >= 0);

Dim app As SilverlightApp = ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps()(0)
Dim grid As DataGrid = app.Find.ByAutomationId(Of DataGrid)("dataGrid")

Dim r As Integer = grid.Rows.Count
Dim list As New List(Of String)()

For i As Integer = 0 To r - 1
    Dim row As DataGridRow = grid.Rows(i)
    Dim cell As DataGridCell = row.Cells(2)

For j As Integer = 0 To list.Count - 1
    If j + 1 = list.Count Then
        Exit For
        Assert.IsTrue(list(j + 1).CompareTo(list(j)) >= 0)
    End If
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