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Extract an Individual HTML Attribute

I would like to extract an individual HTML attribute and use it later in the test.


This is possible with a coded solution. First, be aware that if you're simply verifying the value for a specific attribute, that can be accomplished without code using an Advanced Verification.

HTML elements are formatted the following way:

<tagname attribute="value">content</tagname>
<a href="" lang="en" id="googleLink">Go to Google</a>

Here's how to set the value of the lang attribute (which is en) to a string. That string is then set as an extracted value to use later in the test through data binding (either attached to an input value or a verification).

HtmlAnchor a = Find.ById<HtmlAnchor>("googleLink");

string atr = a.Attributes.Single(x => x.Name == "lang").Value;
SetExtractedValue("extraction", atr);
Dim a As HtmlAnchor = Find.ById(Of HtmlAnchor)("googleLink")

Dim atr As String = a.Attributes.[Single](Function(x) x.Name = "lang").Value
SetExtractedValue("extraction", atr)
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