Choosing What to Synchronize

When synchronizing a TeamPulse project with a TFS project, it is important to know how the synchronization engine determines which items to synchronize.  Stories, bugs, issues, risks and all their associated tasks can be synchronized.  The following section explains how to include items for synchronization in TeamPulse and TFS.

IMPORTANT: Before marking items as syncable, the TeamPulse project must be connected to a TFS project.  For more information, see the section entitled Choosing a TFS Project to Synchronize With.

NOTE 1: Once an item has been marked as syncable and it has been synchronized and created in TFS, it is not recommended to mark the item as not syncable (i.e. uncheck the checkbox).  For example, doing this to a story will cause both the story and any of it's associated tasks to no longer be synchronized causing confusion for users.

NOTE 2: Tasks inherit the syncable setting from their parent (story, bug, issue or risk) because in TeamPulse all tasks have a parent.

From TeamPulse to TFS

When synchronizing items from TeamPulse to TFS, the TeamPulse item must be marked as syncable.  To mark an item as syncable, you must have permission to edit that item.  There are two ways to mark an item as syncable:

Option 1 

  1. Go to Settings > TFS Sync Information.
  2. Select the What am I Syncing tab.
  3. Use the checkbox in the leftmost column to mark an item as syncable.

Mark item as syncable from sync info screen

Option 2

  1. Open the story, bug, issue and risk in the full edit overlay.
  2. Select the properties tab.
  3. Use the Sync with TFS checkbox to mark the item as syncable (as shown in the properties section).

IMPORTANT: AutoSyncNewEntities attribute can be used to control the default value of Sync with TFS checkbox.

This attribute is part of the Advanced project settings and in order to edit them go to Settings -> Projects -> Your Project -> Advanced Settings

From TFS to TeamPulse

When synchronizing stories, bugs, issues, risks and their associated tasks from TFS to TeamPulse, all new items are added to TeamPulse and marked as syncable.

When performing the initial synchronization, all items in TFS are considered new which means that all stories, bugs, issues, risks and tasks will be added to TeamPulse.

IMPORTANT: For a task to synchronize from TFS to TeamPulse, it must have a parent relationship with a story, bug, issue or risk and the parent item must be marked as syncable in TeamPulse.