Getting a List of TFS Projects

When choosing a TFS project to synchronize with, there are some important things to note about the Project List and which projects appear in it.

Only users with Project Administrator rights in both, TeamPulse and TFS can connect a TeamPulse project to a TFS project.

  1. By default, TeamPulse will use the credentials of the currently logged in user to retrieve the list of projects.
  2. To use a different TFS user, click the use different credentials link.
  3. The credentials are only used for retrieving a list of projects and are not stored by TeamPulse.
  4. The credentials used for selecting a project are different from the credentials used in the Service Account Login Information section of the Manage Sync Servers screen.  For more information about the service account permissions, see the section entitled Connecting to Team Foundation Server.
    TFS projects list