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How to Configure an MSSQL Database Storage

This article will explain how to configure an MSSQL database for report engine storage.

How to configure an MSSQL database storage:

  1. Ensure a database instance is available for report engine storage. This may be a dedicated database or a shared database for both app data and report engine storage.

  2. Start the Telerik Database Cache Configurator tool located in the {Telerik Reporting installation folder}/Tools folder.

  3. In Choose database usage combo-box select the "Configure REST service storage database" option.

  4. In Choose target backend combo-box select the "Microsoft SQL Server" option.

  5. In Specify connection string text box enter the connection string that references the target database. You can also click the Build button and create the connection string using the Connection properties form.

  6. Click on the Create schema button to start the database schema creation.

  7. A message box should be displayed, confirming that the storage tables are successfully created. Use the connection string specified above when initializing an instance of MsSqlServerStorage in your application.

  8. In case you want to cleanup the storage tables in an existing database, use the button Clear cache data.

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