Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

ReportBook Properties

The ReportBook type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDocumentName
Gets or sets a String representing the name of the document.
Public propertyReportsObsolete.
Gets the collection of reports that are parts of this ReportBook.
Public propertyReportSources
Gets the collection of reports that take part in this ReportBook.
Public propertyTocPosition
Specifies the ReportBookTocPosition for the Table of Contents in the Report Book.
Public propertyTocReportSource
Specifies the ReportSource for the Table of Contents report.

Explicit Interface Implementations

Explicit interface implementationPrivate propertyIReportDocumentPageSettingsObsolete.
For internal use only.
Explicit interface implementationPrivate propertyIReportDocumentReportParametersObsolete.
Gets the ReportParameters of the ReportBook. Parameters are obtained by merging the parameters of individual reports that have their Mergeable property set to true plus adding all non-mergable parameters.
Explicit interface implementationPrivate propertyIReportDocumentReportsObsolete.
Gets the reports contained in the ReportBook.
Explicit interface implementationPrivate propertyIReportDocumentReportSources
Gets the collection of report sources take part in this ReportBook.

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