Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2018

Telerik.ReportViewer.Html5.WebForms Namespace


Public classClientEvents
Represents a control that provides a way to initialize the event handlers of the report viewer.
Public classCustomParameterEditor
Represents a custom parameter editor with a custom match function.
Public classDeferredScripts
Public classParameter
A parameter passed to the IReportDocument object when initialized
Public classParameterCollection
Represents a collection of Parameter objects.
Public classParameterEditors
Represents a class that provides a way to initialize the parameter editors of the report viewer.
Public classReportSource
Provides a class for the report source. This is a class that contains the collection of parameter values, report identifier and type
Public classReportViewer
Public classSendEmail
Provides a class for the send e-mail message options. Contains the enabled property, the preselected rendering Format, from and to e-mail addresses.


Public enumerationIdentifierType
The type of the identifier used in the ReportSource
Public enumerationPrintMode
Specifies how the viewer should handle the print command.
Public enumerationScaleMode
Sets the scale mode of the viewer
Public enumerationViewMode
Specifies whether the viewer is in interactive or print preview mode
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