Progress® Telerik® Reporting R1 2020

Telerik.Reporting.Processing Namespace


Public classActionBase
Base class for processed interactive actions.
Public classBarcode
Public classBookmarkAddress
Public classBookmarkNode
Public classCancelProcessingException
Public classCheckBox
Public classCustomAction
Represents a processed interactive action that contains evaluated parameter collection.
Public classDataItem
Public classDetailSection
Public classElementTreeHelper
Provides utility methods that perform common tasks involving nodes in a LayoutElement tree.
Public classGroup
Public classGroupSection
Public classHtmlTextBox
Public classLayoutElement
Base class for all processing instances of report items.
Public classNavigateToBookmarkAction
Represent a processed interactive action that navigates the report viewer to a predefined bookmark in the same report.
Public classNavigateToReportAction
Represent a processed interactive action that navigates the report viewer to another report.
Public classNavigateToUrlAction
Represent a processed interactive action that opens a URL.
Public classPageSection
Public classPanel
Public classParameter
Represents a processing instance of a ReportParameter.
Public classParameterValue
Represents a parameter value.
Public classPictureBox
Public classPictureWatermark
Public classProcessingElement
Public classProcessingElementElementCollectionObsolete.
Public classProcessingIdentifierAction
Represents an base class for an interactive action that affects one or more report items or groups.
Public classRenderingFormat
Represents the rendering format a report is exported to. All available build-in formats are listed at
Public classRenderingResult
Represents a result of the report rendering.
Public classReport
Public classReportItem
Public classReportItemBase
Represents a processing report item.
Public classReportProcessor
Represents the object responsible for printing and rendering Reports.
Public classReportSection
Public classReportSectionBase
Public classShape
Public classSortingAction
Represents a processed interactive action that has toggled sorting of one or more data items and groups.
Public classSubReport
Public classTable
Represents a processing Table item.
Public classTableColumn
Represents a column in the Table item.
Public classTableRow
Represents a row in the Table item.
Public classTextBox
Public classTextItemBase
Base class for TextBox and CheckBox classes
Public classTextWatermark
Public classTocSection
Represents a processing Table of Contents section.
Public classToggleVisibilityAction
Represents a processed interactive action that has toggled the visibility of one or more data items and groups.
Public classToolTip
Represents a processed tooltip class that will be shown in a viewer
Public classUserIdentity
Represents a user identity context of the report.
Public classVisualElement
Public classWatermark
Public classWatermarkCollection
Public classXhtmlValidator
Provide methods for XHTML validation


Public interfaceIAction
Represents a processed interactive action associated with a report item
Public interfaceIBookmarkNode
Internal use only
Public interfaceIDataGroupMember
Provides an unified access to the data of a group member
Public interfaceIDataObject
Provides unified access to a single data record from a data source.
Public interfaceILayoutElementContainer
Represents an item that may contain other LayoutElements
Public interfaceIRenderingExtension
Public interfaceIRenderStream
Provides support for rendering multiple streams from a rendering extension.
Public interfaceITableCell
Provides an interface for accessing a processing Table cell.


Public delegateCreateStream
Used by the rendering extension to obtain a stream.
Public delegateEvaluateHeaderFooterExpressions
Delegate used to re-evaluate the page header and footer sections for each generated page.


Public enumerationSortingOrder
Enumeration that defines the sorting order of the SortingAction.
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