Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2018

CacheFactoryCreateDatabaseCache Method

Creates new instance of database cache that will store cached data in a database.

Namespace:  Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi
Assembly:  Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi (in Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi.dll) Version: (


public static ICache CreateDatabaseCache(
	string backendName,
	string connectionString


Type: SystemString
Specifies which database engine should be used.
Type: SystemString
A connection string that should be used to connect to the cache database

Return Value

Type: ICache
The newly created cache instance.


In order to use a database cache you should firstly use the Database Cache Configuration Tool in order to create the underplaying database and its schema.
Note that the database cache implementation relies on the Telerik OpenAccess so the following OpenAccess core libraries should be referenced: Telerik.OpenAccess.dll, Telerik.OpenAccess.35.Extensions.dll . Proper assembly binding redirects might apply.
See also: Configuring the Database Cache Provider

Version Information

Supported in: 1.0.1

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