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Reusing .NET Framework 4+ ReportLibrary Reports in .NET


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The class library that contains report definitions must target .NET Framework 4.0 or greater in order to provide design-time support in Visual Studio through the Visual Studio Report Designer. Such library cannot be referenced in a .NET Core project because .NET Core projects can reference only .NET Standard or .NET Core assemblies (see the post How to reference a .NET Core library in WinForms - Or, .NET Standard Explained for detailed explanation).

Therefore the existing type report definitions must be migrated to a .NET Standard or .NET Core class library. The drawback is that there is no design-time support for .NET Core or .NET Standard and the Visual Studio Report Designer cannot be used in such projects. This is mainly because of the current limitations of the framework and Visual Studio toolset (for example, ComponentDesigner class which is used as a base class for our components, is not yet supported by .NET Core framework).


There are two approaches to resolve the problem depending on the amount of custom code used in the report definitions.

It is recommended to use the first approach and migrate the reports to .TRDP or .TRDX report definitions, so the design-time support will be provided by the Standalone Report Designer.

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