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Troubleshoot Telerik Reporting Installation


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting


Telerik Reporting is distributed as a windows installer setup package and is shipped as a single .msi file.

In order to troubleshoot problems raised during the Telerik Reporting installation process, information from the log file should be obtained.


  1. By default the setup package is named Telerik_Reporting_<version>.msi, for example, Telerik_Reporting_R1_2023_SP1_17_0_23_315_DEV.msi, and you can obtain it in two ways:

    • Downloading it from Your Telerik Account
    • In case you use the Telerik Control Panel all the packages are cached on your disk. You can find the download location from the Telerik Control Panel's Options: dialogSettings -> Download Folder Location
  2. Once you locate the msi file’s path(<path>), run the msiexec command with logging information enabled from command prompt:

    • msiexec /i <path>\Telerik_Reporting_<version>.msi -l*xv <logFilePath>install.log
  3. The following example starts Telerik Reporting setup package and logs all activity to the C:\install.log file.

    • msiexec /i C:\Telerik_Reporting_Q1_2013_SP1_DEV.msi -l*xv C:\install.log
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