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An exception "Method not found" is thrown in .NET Core 3.0 applications


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In certain scenarios the initialization of Telerik Reporting engine throws a "Method not found" exception. This is due to an updated version of SQLite used in the application. Telerik Reporting for .NET Core depends on version 1.5.231 of sqlite-net-pcl package. This package has a dependency to SQLitePCLRaw bundle version 1.1.11+. When another package, used in the application, has dependency to a newer version of SQLitePCLRaw, the SQLite raw assemblies get overwritten, and due to the breaking changes introduced in v.2.0 of SQLitePCLRaw, the reporting engine throws a MethodNotFound exception. An example of such package is EntityFrameworkCore.SQLite, which depends on SQLitePCLRaw 2.0.

The issue is fixed in internal build where the last available version of SQLitePCL is used.

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