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Shrink TextBox Having Less Content Than It Can Accommodate


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I have three textboxes (a textbox on each "row" below each other) and have been testing the CanShrink property. Let's say the first textbox is empty but the other two are not, is it possible that the other two textboxes 'move up', the second textbox takes the first textbox place etc?


Yes, the following shows how CanShrink and CanGrow properties change the layout of a report.

The figure below shows TextBox items for Name and Summary fields, the detail section is surrounded by a dotted line. The Name and Summary TextBox items are surrounded by a solid line. This topic will show the report layout when setting and unsetting the CanShrink and CanGrow properties.

The sample report in design time of the Report Designer

  • CanShrink and CanGrow properties for both Name and Summary are set to false. Both TextBox items stay at the same dimensions as designed even though the Name TextBox has less data than needed and Summary may have more text than needed to fill the area.

    CanShrink and CanGrow set to false

    The report previewed in the designer with TextBoxes CanShrink and CanGrow set to false showing only the content that fits within the TextBox boundaries

  • The CanShrink property for the Name TextBox is set to true and the CanGrow property for the Summary TextBox is set to true. Here you can see that the Name and Summary TextBoxes are sized to fit the data exactly.

    CanGrow and CanShrink set true

    The report previewed in the designer with TextBoxes CanShrink and CanGrow set to true showing exact fit based on the data

  • In this last example the TextBoxes are arranged vertically into a single column, with the Name TextBox appearing twice. The layout is roughly:


    The data for the first row Name field is blanked out. The output with CanShrink = true for Name and CanGrow = true for Summary shows the Name property TextBox has shrunk and the Summary information takes its place:

    CanShrink and CanGrow true with fields arranged vertically

    The vertically arranged report previewed in the designer with CanShrink set to True for Name and CanGrow set to true for Summary showing how the data fits in the TextBox with hidden TextBoxes when there is no data

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