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Change the Culture of Kendo DatePicker Widget in the Parameters Area of the Angular Report Viewer


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The article describes how to change the culture of the Kendo DatePicker widget used in the Angular Report Viewer.

The general solution of the problem for localizing the DatePicker of the pure Html5 Report Viewer is described in the Change the culture of Kendo DatePicker widget in the parameters area of the HTML5 Report Viewer article.

To also change the culture of the report viewer, it is required to import the necessary Kendo culture on the page with the report viewer.


For this example, we will load the additional kendo cultures via the kendo CDN. To accomplish this in an Angular component, it is necessary to create a helper function that loads scripts from an URL, for example:

loadScript(url: string) {
    let body = <HTMLDivElement>document.body;
    let script = document.createElement('script');
    script.innerHTML = '';
    script.src = url;
    script.async = true;
    script.defer = true;

The script can be loaded in the constructor of the component loading the Angular Report Viewer, for example:

export class ReportViewerComponent implements AfterViewInit {
    @ViewChild('viewer1') viewer: TelerikReportViewerComponent;

    constructor() {

Then the actual change of the kendo current culture can happen in the renderingBegin event:

renderingBegin() {
<tr-viewer #viewer1 [containerStyle]="viewerContainerStyle" [serviceUrl]="'http://localhost:59655/api/reports/'"
        report: 'Employee Sales Summary.trdp',
        parameters: {}
    }" [viewMode]="'INTERACTIVE'" [renderingBegin]="renderingBegin"
    [scaleMode]="'SPECIFIC'" [scale]="1.0"

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