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Search dialog doesn't appear in Angular Report Viewer


Product Version - R3 2018
Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Viewer Angular Viewer


When attempting to open the search dialog from Angular Report Viewer's toolbar icon, an error with message '$inputBox.kendoComboBox is not a function' is thrown in telerikReportViewer.js file.

Error Message

The stack trace of the error is:

ERROR TypeError: $inputBox.kendoComboBox is not a function
    at ensureInitialized (telerikReportViewer.js:5217)
    at toggle (telerikReportViewer.js:5196)
    at toggleSearchDialog (telerikReportViewer.js:5190)
    at Object.eval (telerikReportViewer.js:5165)
    at Object.trigger (telerikReportViewer.js:1330)
    at Object.trigger (telerikReportViewer.js:1317)
    at eventFactory (telerikReportViewer.js:1299)
    at Object.setSearchDialogVisible (telerikReportViewer.js:1777)
    at Object.CommandSet.toggleSearchDialog [as exec] (telerikReportViewer.js:4033)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.commandHandler (telerikReportViewer.js:4677)

Cause\Possible Cause(s)

The issue was introduced due to the fact that Telerik Reporting ships a subset of Kendo UI widgets excluding the kendoComboBox widget (which was indicated by the error in developer tools console).


The fix for this error will be introduced with the next official version (R3 2018) of Telerik Reporting.

Suggested Workarounds

There is a possible workaround by replacing the Kendo UI JavaScript distributed by Telerik Reporting with the content of the telerikReportViewer.kendo.min.js file which could be downloaded from here. The used subset can be found in the Telerik Angular Report Viewer NPM package, i.e.



Follow our release notes where we will duly note any fixes/improvements/features.

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