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Right to Left Format in Table


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By default, the group value will be displayed on the left side of the table. There are some workarounds that allow putting the group on the right.


Workaround 1 demonstrated in Report1:

1) Add a CSV DataSource (with Group, Item and Value fields) and set it to be the DataSource of the report.

2) Add a group to the report: right-click outside the report -> Add New Group and set the Expression to be "=Fields.Group";

3) In the groupHeaderSection add a textbox whose Value is "=Fields.Group";

4) In the detail section, add textboxes containing "= Fields.Value" and "= Fields.Item"

Workaround 2 demonstrated in Report2:

1) Add a CSV DataSource (with Group, Item and Value fields) but don't set it to be the datasource of the report;

2) Add a table through the Table Wizard -> set its DataSource to the csvDataSource -> add only the Item and Value fields.

3) Right-click over the table -> Add group -> Row group - Parent Group;

- Set the **Expression** to be "=Fields.Group";

- Mark **Add Header** -> **OK**;

4) Right-click over the table -> Insert row -> Outside Group Above;

- Move the headers of the table in the new empty row over "= Fields.Value" and "= Fields.Item";

5) Right-click over the table -> Insert Column -> Right;

- Merge the upper header and set its **Value** to be  "=Fields.Group";

6) Remove the unnecessary column of the group (Delete column only) and row;

Note that the limitation of this solution is that if you set the property ColumneHeadersPrintOnEveryPage will not work as expected.


You can download the reports from here.

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