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Reports with ContinuousPaper or Custom PaperKind are Cut when Printed on Some Printers


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When the report is longer than specific height, some printers, mostly label ones, for example, "EPSON TM-U220 Receipt", just stop printing, ignoring the remaining part of the report document. They print as expected when the printed reports are short though.

Changing the PaperSize > Height or ContinuousPaper from the report definition PageSettings doesn't help.


The Reporting engine delegates the printing entirely to the System.Drawing.Printing namespace. If the Microsoft functionality supports the particular printer, Telerik Reporting also does to the same extent.

There are many printers that support only limited paper sizes. This may be due to hardware or driver limitations. For example, the article Instruction on how to set up the printer to print a bill which is longer than an A4 paper via EPSON TM-U220B explains that "When printing a bill with EPSON TM-U220B, it only prints to the length of 297 mm (equivalent to an A4 paper). The cause may be that driver of EPSON TM-U220B does not support the length of more than 297mm".

As an example, when printing a larger report from the Standalone Report Designer to the Microsoft PDF Printer with either ContinuousPaper = True or Custom Paper size, the printed document may be cut as this PDF printer supports a limited number of paper kinds and doesn't support custom paper size. Hence, it tries to print on its default paper size, which leads to the cut page content.

If you test printing the same report with Foxit PDF Printer, the report would most probably be printed as expected to a PDF file as this PDF printer supports custom paper.

In such scenarios you may continue troubleshooting on the hardware side rather than your reports. As a first step, you may try printing a large single-page document outside Telerik Reporting with the same printer to confirm that the problem is not related to the Reporting functionality or settings.


Select, from the Printer Settings, a PaperKind with Paper Height that is sufficient to accommodate the printed single-page document.

For example, the physical label printer that we tested on is "Epson-TM-T20II-M267D". It supports few 'Roll Paper' paper kinds with a length of 3276mm. When we select such a paper kind, usually, the long reports with ContinuousPaper = True are printed as expected. However, selecting a shorter paper when printing the same report may cut it when report's height is more than the printer paper size.

If the printer doesn't support long paper, you need to set report's ContinuousPaper to False and print the document paginated, with PaperKind and PaperSize that are supported by the specific printer.

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