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Blank pages in report documents rendered to word (.docx) format


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Rendering Extension Word (.docx)


Blank pages occur only when the report is rendered in Word and the PageNumber expression is the same on the blank and the previous page. In other extensions like PDF blank pages are not observed.

Telerik Reporting Word rendering pages the report according to the report page settings. However when the report is opened in Word the report is once again paged. This second paging can sometimes result in blank pages.

Suggested Workarounds

In Telerik Reporting R2 2018 SP1 we have made some improvements to the Word rendering to better supports PageSettings.ContinuousPaper and we have introduced to the expressions Global Object RenderingFormat.Name. Thus now we can avoid the first paging with the following Binding:

Property path Expression
PageSettings.ContinuousPaper = RenderingFormat.Name = "DOCX"


The PageNumber and PageCount expressions will evaluate to 1 on all pages.

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