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Print dialog doesn't open in Google Chrome 77.0.3865.75


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After the Google Chrome update to version 77.0.3865.75, the print dialog doesn't open. The printing functionality of all web viewers is based on PDF rendering and invoking the browsers PDF plug-in printing functionality. Note that for security reasons an application that is running in a browser cannot access directly the machine resources, e.g. printers. These are technical restrictions imposed by the browser and beyond the Telerik Reporting control. Additionally, Google Chrome has also an available public thread on the topic: Chrome 77, pdf auto print dialog.


The issue is resolved in the R3 2019 release where the print button of the HTML5 Report Viewer renders the report for print purposes and opens it in a new browser tab. The auto-print script is still embedded in the document, but Google Chrome will wait for user interaction in order to show its print dialog.

Workaround for the HTML5-based Report Viewers

This workaround was proposed by one of our users- check the post from Thanh in Print Dialog doesn't appear in Google Chrome 77.0.3865.75 thread. It allows you to trigger the print dialog on Print click. Our user Naumand updated it, so the same functionality is achieved in Firefox. Here are the required steps: 1) Add a reference to the Print.js third party library in the viewer's page (above the reference to the viewer's JavaScript file). 2) Copy the telerikReportViewer-x.x.x.x.js file locally and refer it in the page from the local source. For example, if the viewer is copied to the folder "(base application folder)/ReportViewer" the references may look like:


    <script src=""></script>

    <script src="/ReportViewer/telerikReportViewer-"></script>

3) Modify the code of the telerikReportViewer-x.x.x.x.js file - function printDesktop(src). Its original implementation is:

function printDesktop(src) {, "_blank");

Change it to:

trv.printManager = function () {
   var iframe;
   function printDesktop(src) {
       if (window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("chrome") > -1) {
           printJS({ printable: src, type: 'pdf', showModal: true });
       } else {
           if (!iframe) {
               iframe = document.createElement("IFRAME");
      = "position:absolute; left: -10000px; top: -10000px;";
           iframe.src = src;

Workaround 2 for the HTML5-based Report Viewers

Set the FORCE_PDF_FILE printMode option of the report viewer, the widget will always export the report document to a PDF file with the special print script. For more information, check Printing Reports article. For example in the HTML5 Report viewer, you need to add the following line in the initialization of the viewer:

       serviceUrl: "/api/reports",
       printMode: telerikReportViewer.PrintModes.FORCE_PDF_FILE

Note that this setting will not open the Print Dialog automatically but it will trigger downloading the PDF file.

Workaround for the obsolete ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer

This workaround was also provided by one of our user Michael in the Feedback portal post. Here the ReportViewer.prototype.PrintReport is overriden:

<form runat="server">
    <ReportSource IdentifierType="UriReportSource" Identifier="SampleReport.trdp">
   <sendemail enabled="false" />

<script type="text/javascript">
    ReportViewer.prototype.PrintReport = function () {
        switch (this.defaultPrintFormat) {
            case "Default":
            case "PDF":
                previewFrame = document.getElementById(this.previewFrameID);
                previewFrame.onload = function () { previewFrame.contentDocument.execCommand("print", true, null); }
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