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Open reports created with a newer version of the Standalone Report Designer


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Sometimes you might encounter a TRDP or a TRDX report definition that you are unable to open, and the designer displays the following message Cannot read a document with the specified schema <...> You might be using an older version of the product.. This happens because the report was created with a newer version of the Standalone Report Designer that uses a more recent XML schema. While the best solution is to update your Telerik Reporting installation to the latest version, in some cases, that might not be a desired option. As an alternative, you can use the following approach to be able to open the report.

Depending on how old your Standalone Report Designer version is and the features used in the report you are trying to open, you still might not be able to open it correctly. This is why the following approach is not a good long-term solution and should be used only as a "quick fix" for non-crucial reports.


  1. Find the latest XML schema that is compatible with your version of the Standalone Report Designer. To do that, create a new blank TRDX report with the Standalone Report Designer, save it, and open the .trdx file with a text editor of your choice. The xmlns attribute of the root element contains the schema version in the following format:<version>. As an alternative, you can find your version in the Upgrade section of the Telerik Reporting documentation and search for the XML schema there. For example, this is the article for R1 2023

  2. Once you know which XML schema version your Standalone Report Designer is using, all you have to do is apply your schema version to the report that you cannot open. By now, you have a pretty good idea of how to open and modify TRDX report definitions. TRDP definitions are not much different, other than the fact that they are a ZIP file containing the XML definition and other resources that have been embedded in the report. To modify the TRDP definition, open it with an archive utility of your choice (for example, 7Zip), and edit the definition.xml file accordingly (do not unzip and zip the .trdp file, but edit it directly and save it).

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