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Set Up a Map Manually


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Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting Map Report Item


How can I manually set up a Map report item without using the Map Wizard?


The suggested implementation is applicable when using the Telerik Visual Studio Report Designer tool.

  1. Open the Visual Studio toolbox. From the Telerik Reporting tab, select the Map report item.
  2. Click the design surface where you want to locate the upper-left corner of the Map. The Map report item is initialized on the selected design surface with default values for its IProjection and ITileProvider.
  3. Set your data source to one of the available data source components.
  4. Create a SeriesGroup and set the appropriate measure property, that is, Size for the PointMapSeries, to an expression that will evaluate to a scalar value.
  5. Set up the geographical coordinates of your data points.

    If you want to use a geocoding service to obtain geographical coordinates by addresses from your data source, configure the location providers and the GeoLocationMapGroup:

    1. Open the Property Grid.

    2. Create a GeoLocationGroup that will provide request information to a location provider.

    3. Select a location provider that will be used to geocode the geographical coordinates by the requests supplied from the GeoLocationGroup.

    If your data source can provide geographical coordinates for the data points, set the Series Latitude and Longitude to the appropriate data source fields.

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