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Telerik Reporting Installer Fails


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Version Q2 2012 and later


The installer fails and I am not able to install Telerik Reporting. How can I fix this issue?


The possible reason for this issue is a rights elevation problem that may have occurred.


Run the installer as administrator or from an admin account and generate an installer log to identify the reason for the existing issue:

  1. Open a command prompt window by clicking Start. In the prompt, type cmd. Click Enter.
  2. Navigate to the folder in which the Telerik Reporting installer is located.
  3. Run the msiexec /i Telerik_Reporting.msi -l*xv install.log command where install.log stands for and has to be replaced with the directory path and filename where you want to save the log. Click Enter.
  4. After you generate the file, archive it and attach it to a support ticket with more information on the issue.
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