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Validating Report Parameters on the Client-side


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Sometimes we need to validate the input data so that it will match our requirements and rules. The validation could be on the Client or on the Server. The following guide shows how to apply Client-side validation on a report parameter in HTML5 ASP.NET MVC Report Viewer based on the value of another report parameter. If you want to see this feature implemented on the Server-side, vote for it on our public feedback portal. The approach could be applied to any other HTML5 Web Report Viewer and with little customization to validate different scenarios.


  1. Start by creating custom parameter editors by defining them through the ParameterEditors method when creating the report viewer widget:

        .ReportSource(new UriReportSource() { Uri = "TestReport.trdp" })
                editors => editors

    You’ll need to create a custom editor for each parameter type that will be validating.

  2. In this example, we have a single select editor with available values and a number parameter that has to be validated based on the first parameter value. That means that we are going to need a combobox editor and simple input editor.

    In this case, we have both UI elements that we are needing to represent our editors. The first one will be a Kendo ComboBox widget, which we have from the Telerik Reporting scripts and simple HTMl5 text input. If you wish to use some Kendo widget, that is not included in a subset of the used by default Kendo UI widgets from Telerik Reporting, you need to add manually the scripts for the additional widget or add kendo.all.js.

  3. Create the editors and apply the validation on input change:

    var basedParameterName = "Parent", //The parameter name that will be used for validaion
        function createSingleSelectEditor(placeholder, options) {
            var kendoComboBoxElement = $(placeholder).html('<div></div>'),
                valueChangedCallback = options.parameterChanged,
            function onChange() {
                var val = kendoComboBox.value();
                valueChangedCallback(parameter, val);
                if ( === basedParameterName) {
                    //Save the value
                    parentParameterValue = val;
                    //Trigger change event on the childParameter to fire the validation
            return {
                beginEdit: function (param) {
                    parameter = param;
                    //Find the parameter based on its name if you have more than one parameter of this type
                    if ( === basedParameterName) {
                        parentParameterValue = parameter.value;
                    kendoComboBox = $(kendoComboBoxElement).kendoComboBox({
                        dataTextField: "name",
                        dataValueField: "value",
                        value: parameter.value,
                        dataSource: parameter.availableValues,
                        change: onChange
        function createNumberEditor(placeholder, options) {
            var inputElement,
                placeholder = $(placeholder),
                validation = placeholder.prev(), //Find the validation element for this specific editor
                valueChangedCallback = options.parameterChanged;
            function onChange() {
                var val = parseInt(inputElement.val());
                // Validate the input value.
                if (parentParameterValue >= val) {
                        .html("The value should be greater than " + parentParameterValue);
                } else {
                    valueChangedCallback(parameter, val);
            return {
                beginEdit: function (param) {
                    parameter = param;
                    placeholder.html('<input type="text" value="' + parameter.value + '" class="k-textbox" />');
                    inputElement = placeholder.find("input");
                    childParameter = inputElement;
                    //Using a jQuery to detect changes in the input value
                    placeholder.on("change", "input", onChange);

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