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Using ODBC in the Web Report Designer


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The ODBC connections are supported in the Web Report Designer. For .NET Framework applications this comes out-of-the-box. In .NET and .NET Core 3.1+ they are supported as long as the System.Data.ODBC classes are supported.

Solution for .NET and .NET Core applications

The System.Data.ODBC is not part of the framework, but is supported through .NET Platform Extensions. Find more information in the OdbcConnection Class article from Microsoft.

The web app that hosts the Web Report Designer needs to have a reference to System.Data.ODBC (usually through a Nuget package). Also, since .NET and .NET Core apps do not have access to machine.config, they cannot read the already registered DbProviderFactories, so the System.Data.ODBC provider needs to be registered manually in DbProviderFactories.

We advise to do this somewhere in the application start, or (even better) in the static constructor of ReportDesignerController, so it would look like this:

public class ReportDesignerController : ReportDesignerControllerBase
    static ReportDesignerController()
        Telerik.Reporting.Processing.Data.DbProviderFactories.RegisterFactory("System.Data.Odbc", System.Data.Odbc.OdbcFactory.Instance);

    public ReportDesignerController(IReportDesignerServiceConfiguration reportDesignerServiceConfiguration, IReportServiceConfiguration reportServiceConfiguration)
        : base(reportDesignerServiceConfiguration, reportServiceConfiguration)

The How to register a DbProviderFactory in a .NET Core project KB article explains how to register a DbProviderFactory instance in .NET and .NET Core apps.

Solution for .NET Framework applications

If you use the Web Report Designer in .NET Framework application, there should be no problems with ODBC connections whatsoever, because System.Data.ODBC is part of .NET Framework and the machine's DbProviderFactories already have the ODBC provider registered.

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