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Using KendoDateTimePicker in the Angular Report Viewer


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Project Type Angular
Report Viewer Angular Report Viewer


This article describes how to use the KendoDateTimePicker as a custom parameter editor for the Angular Report Viewer.

This approach allows the selection of date and time for the DateTime Report Parameters that do not have available values.


The kendoDateTimePicker widget is not included in the Kendo UI JavaScript distributed by Telerik Reporting through the telerikReportViewer.kendo.min.js file, or kendo.subset.2015.3.930.min.js and older versions. For that reason, you will have to replace the Kendo UI subset with the full Kendo UI JavaScript e.g. kendo.all.min.js.

  1. In the initializaion of the report viewer,{component}.html, specify the parameterEditors option.

    <tr-viewer #viewer1 *ngIf="visible"
            report: 'Product Line Sales.trdx',
            parameters: {}
            match: match,
            createEditor: createEditor
        }]" >
  2. Then in the {component}.ts implement the match and createEditor functions. The visibility of the report viewer can be set to true once kendo.all.min.js is loaded:

    export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
        @ViewChild('viewer1', { static: false }) viewer: TelerikReportViewerComponent;
        public visible: boolean = false;
        ngOnInit(): void {
            this.visible = true;    
        match(parameter) {
            return parameter.type === "System.DateTime";
        createEditor (placeholder, options){
            let input = document.createElement('input');
            let dateTimePicker;
            let valueChangedCallback = options.parameterChanged;
            let parameter;
            function onChange(e) {
                var date = $(input).data("kendoDateTimePickerPicker");
                var val = date.value();
                valueChangedCallback(parameter, val);
            return {
                beginEdit: function (param) {
                    parameter = param;
                        value: param.value,
                        format: "dd/MM/yyyy",
                        change: onChange
                    dateTimePicker = $(input).data("kendoDateTimePicker");

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