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How to use Guid as value for report parameter or data source parameter?


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The article explains how to use a Guid as value for report parameter or data source parameter.

Solution 1

Set the Type of the ReportParameter to String. Use the CStr(System.Object) built-in conversion function to convert the Guid to String for the ValueMember property of the report parameter AvailableValues.

When using Guid DataSourceParameter and its value is set to a ReportParameter, create an User Function to handle the conversion:

public static Guid ConvertToGuid(string guid)
           return new Guid(guid);
Public Shared Function ConvertToGuid(guid As String) As Guid
    Return New Guid(guid)
End Function

Finally, set the value for the DataSourceParameter:

= ConvertToGuid(Parameters.Parameter1.Value)

Solution 2

Convert the Guid value to a String value in the data-retrieval method, or add a calculated field to the data source component by using the CStr(System.Object) built-in conversion function to convert the Guid to String. Then, you can use the String report parameters directly.

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