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How to Refer Telerik Reporting Assemblies in Projects Hosted in Version/Source Control Repository when only One/Few Developers Hold Licenses


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Frequently, in a team, only one or few of the developers are working with and are licensed for Telerik Reporting. The other developers that are working on other parts of the project still need access to Telerik Reporting assemblies to be able to compile the project.


  1. If you need to refer Telerik Reporting assemblies from a NuGet package, you may :

    • Use the approach explained in the blog post Azure DevOps and Telerik NuGet Packages. The licensed user will need to enter their Telerik credentials into the other developer's Visual Studio prompt. The credentials would be stored in the Windows Credential Manager.

    • Share the credentials for the Telerik NuGet private feed with the other team members.

    • Download the NuGet packages locally and refer them from a local feed accessible by team members.

  2. If you can use local references, you may create a folder where to upload the Telerik Reporting assemblies and refer them in the project from this folder.

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