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Modifying Graph Axis Labels Based on the Scale Type


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This article explains how to customize the Axis labels when using a Graph item. For example, if you want to use a special expression for the category sccale or apply special formatting for other scale types.

Solution For Category Scale

For Category Scale, using CategoryGroup.Label property would be most useful to modify the labels. You can set the value of this property to an expression that will be evaluated at runtime.

Solution For Other Scales

Other types of Scale, such as Numerical, DateTime and Logarithmic Scales, calculate their range based on the data minimum and maximum values and show ticks and labels according to the determined base/major/minor units.

Labels of those scale types can be formatted using GraphAxis.LabelFormat property. This property accepts a formatting string. To set this property, you can use the Format Builder dialog which can be invoked from the Axis's Properties grid or from its context menu by selecting the Format menu item.

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