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How to style Telerik Angular Report Viewer using Sass-based themes


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In the following article are presented steps for customizing the HTML5 Report Viewer using Sass-Based themes. For information on how to customize the viewer using Less-Based themes, check our online demos. However, using Sass-Based approach can lead to error loading the report viewer's templates.


Firstly, it would be needed to add a report viewer for the Angular application. There are two approaches available:

  1. How To: Use Angular Report Viewer with Angular CLI
  2. How To: Use Angular Report Viewer with SystemJS

At step 8 (or 7 from the article with SystemJS) is mentioned how to style the viewer using the desired Kendo UI theme using Sass-Based themes. Unfortunately, 'templateUrl' containing the node_modules path to the html template can cause not found template error in browser console. It appears that for custom files to be served, they need to be included in the production build. This is done via the assets property in the .angular-cli.json file.

"assets": [

Check out the documentation for this feature here to learn how to use it: https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/wiki/stories-asset-configuration

Once we moved the template file, together with the styles for the template and styles of kendo theme to the assets folder and modified all links to point there, the application ran correctly. In the modified project assets folder has to contain files:

  1. telerikReportViewerTemplate-sass.html which comes from node_modules/@progress/telerik-angular-report-viewer/dist/dependencies/telerikReportViewerTemplate-sass.html
  2. telerikReportViewer-sass.css which comes from node_modules/@progress/telerik-angular-report-viewer/dist/dependencies/telerikReportViewer-sass.css
  3. all.css which comes from node_modules/@progress/kendo-theme-default/dist/all.css (you could use any of the other available kendo themes)

Then in telerikReportViewerTemplate-sass.html change the link to css to point the stylesheet in assets folder:

<link href="assets/telerikReportViewer-sass.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Lastly, in index.html add a link to the all.css in order to run the global kendo styles:

<link href="assets/all.css" rel="stylesheet"/>


Note that when the service and the viewer are hosted in different domains it will be required to enable CORS in order to enable communication between the viewer and the service.

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