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Selective export of Angular Report Viewer reports


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The available rendering formats are provided from the REST Service based on the project configuration file and references. Setting different rendering extensions in the viewer per report definition is not available out of the box.


You may bind on the renderingEnd event of the viewer and hide the unwanted export options based on the report name (as taken from the property). Add the following classes to the Angular project:

import * as $ from 'jquery';

class HideOption {

    reportName: string;
    formatsToHide = [];

    constructor(reportName: string, formatsToHide: any) {
        this.reportName = reportName;
        this.formatsToHide = formatsToHide;

export class ExportOptionsHider {

    public static instance : ExportOptionsHider;
    public static init(){
            ExportOptionsHider.instance = new ExportOptionsHider();

    private largeMenuBound = false;
    private sideMenuBound = false;
    private reportSource = "";
    private hideOptions = [
        new HideOption("Dashboard.trdp", ["XLSX"]),
        new HideOption("ReportCatalog.trdp", ["PDF", "XLSX"])

    public update(reportSource: string){
        this.reportSource = reportSource;
        // show all extensions

    private bindEvents() {
        const sideMenu = $(".trv-side-menu").children("ul").data('kendoPanelBar');
        const largeMenu = $(".trv-menu-large").data("kendoMenu");
        const smallMenu = $(".trv-menu-small");

        // bind to the 'open' event of the main menu
        if (!this.largeMenuBound && largeMenu) {
            largeMenu.bind("open", () => {

            this.largeMenuBound = true;

        // bind to the 'expand' event of the side menu
        if (!this.sideMenuBound && smallMenu) {
            sideMenu.bind("expand", () => {

            this.sideMenuBound = true;

    private hideUnwantedOptions() {
        this.hideOptions.forEach((hideOption) => {
            if (this.reportSource.startsWith(hideOption.reportName)) {
                hideOption.formatsToHide.forEach((item) => {
                    const hiddenOption = $('[data-command-parameter="' + item + '"]');
                    if (hiddenOption && hiddenOption.length) {

Attach the events in the component template:


Handle the events in the component

    @HostListener('window:resize', ['$event'])
    onResize() {

    ready() {

    onRenderingEnd(e, args): void {

On the renderingEnd event, the code gets the report name. On Report Viewer ready and Window resize we bind the event handlers to the 'open' event of the main menu and to the 'expand' event of the side menu of the viewer's toolbar, if not already bound. The event handlers call hideUnwantedOptions() that iterates over the export menu options and hides those that are not necessary - specified in the hideOptions array.

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