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Create a graph with a merged last column that can expand and collapse


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This KB article explains the steps to create a graph whose last column contains merged values. It can collapse and expand on click.


  1. Add a report parameter from type Boolean. Set it as follows:

    • AutoRefresh : True
    • Name : paramMerged
    • Value : True
  2. Add the Graph. Click on the barSeries and from the Property grid -> Layout -> expand MergedDataPoints. Apply the setting below:

    • MergeModel: SingleSlice
    • TresholdMode: Count
    • TresholdValue:

    = IIf(Parameters.paramMerged.Value = "True", 5, 120)

    In this expression, the value which will be set when the report parameter is True is 5 and stands for the number of Series (with highest values) that will be separately displayed - the rest will be merged. 120 stands for the value of the columns that will be shown when we would like to display all the Series in the Graph - it should be bigger than the total number of columns.

  3. Add a textbox and set its Value as follows:

    = IIf(Parameters.paramMerged.Value = 'True', "+", "-")

    This way, + will be shown when the columns are merged and - when they are expanded.

  4. Add a Drillthrough Report Action to the textbox which will point to the same report (i.e. to itself): Action -> Navigate to Report -> Select a report source -> URL or file -> fill the path to the report ->Edit Parameters:

    • Parameter Name: paramMerged
    • Parameter Value: = Parameters.paramMerged.Value = 'False'

The result will be:

Image of a column chart whose last column merges multiple values

Image of a column chart without merged values

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