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Each table row and column maintains a minimum size


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Report Item Table/Crosstab/List Report Item


Trying to set a width or height sizing of less than 10px on table/crosstab/list row or column results in the Each table row and column maintains a minimum size, resulting in a minimum table size of {Width=10px, Height=10px} error. Usually, such error occurs when user try to make a row or column not visible by basically reducing its width or height(or both) to zero. The correct way to hide a row or a column is through Conditional Formatting or a Binding to the Visible property.

Error Message

Each table row and column maintains a minimum size, resulting in a minimum table size of {Width=10px, Height=10px}

Possible Causes

  • The report contains a Table/Cross/List item with Width or/and Height properties set to 0.

    Setting Table/CrossTab/List item's size properties to zero values in Report Designers was possible in versions prior to R3 2016 SP1. Upgrading the report from earlier version to R3 2016 SP1 will result in the mentioned error in the design view if the report contained Table/Cross/List item with zero width or/and height.

  • Table/Cross/List item was created programmatically and its width or/and height was set to 0.

  • The code for generating Table/Cross/List item in the Report.Designer.cs(vb) file was modified and zero values were inserted manually for item's width(height).
  • Table/CrossTab item is nested inside another table's cell using Table/CrossTab Wizard. This is a known issue, a workaround is to first create two tables separately and then nest one table inside another table's cell.


Removing the problematic item from the report's definition or setting non-zero values for item's Width(Height) properties will resolve the issue:

  1. Downgrade the report to the previous version using Upgrade Wizard which will allow opening the Design view. After that, locate the item using the Report Explorer and delete it or set non-zero values for Width(Height) properties (recommended).
  2. Open report's .Designer.cs(vb) file, locate the code for setting item's Size property and set Width and Height to values greater than 0.


Setting Table/Cross/List item's Width(Height) properties to 0 should be avoided. If the requirement is to hide the item, you can use item's Visible property instead. Setting the Visible property to False will hide the item in the rendered report.

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