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Draw Box Border Around Each Data Field Character


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In some reports, you may need to display each data field character/digit in a separate TextBox surrounded by borders.


You may achieve the requirement with a List with a Rotated layout, in which DataSource is set to the array of the characters of the corresponding data field. You may use Bindings for the DataSource of the List with the following Expression:

= Fields.Value.ToCharArray()

In the code above, Value is the name of the main data source field that holds the original string. Note that the above Expression utilizes the system String.ToCharArray Method that converts the string to an array of characters. This lets us provide the collection of characters as DataSource and thus display each of them in a separate detail section/cell of the List item and format it with borders or in other way.

In order to display the characters horizontally, you may rotate the List layout. You need to right-click over the List cell and select Rotate Layout from the context menu.

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A demo report demonstrating the above approach may be found in our GitHub Examples.

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