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Disposing of the Web Report Designer Resources


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Project Type Web Application
Report Designer Web Report Designer


When the Web Report Designer is initialized, it loads various stylesheets including its own theme. The Web Report Designer theme is based on the Kendo UI Default SCSS-based theme for the Kendo UI components and overrides some of the default styles. As a result, if another kendo theme is loaded in the application, since a lot of the style rules are similar, they will get overriden.

This cannot be avoided as long as the Web Report Designer is present on the page. When navigating away from the page with the Web Report Designer, its resources can be manually removed returning your application theme to normal.

Suggested Workarounds

The following code can be executed after the Web Report Designer has been removed from the page DOM or after navigating to a page without the designer:

$("link").each(function () 
        var isReportingLink = $(this).attr("href").indexOf("api/reportdesigner") > -1;


Depending on what Route has been set in the ReportDesignerController, the string provided to the indexOf function may need to be changed.

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