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Creating a Funnel Chart in Telerik Reporting


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I would like to create a funnel chart in Telerik Reporting. How can I achieve this?


To create a bar chart that resembles a funnel chart add two bar series that share a category group and have opposite values.

For example, if the value field is called "Value", the X-axis expression can be = Sum(Fields.Value) / 2.0 for one of the series and = - Sum(Fields.Value) / 2.0 for the other.

This will force the two series to display on both sides of the Y-axis and center the bars in the graph's surface area.


You can find a Sample Funnel Chart Report that illustrates the above in our GitHub Reporting-Samples repository.


Please note that this workaround provides a similar visual effect to a funnel chart. If Telerik Reporting implements a funnel chart type in the future, you may consider using that for a more streamlined approach.

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