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The Reports Are not Rendered or Generated Report Documents are Corrupted When the Data Set Comes Back Empty


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Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting


After upgrading to the or higher Reporting version, the reports that don't receive data may not be rendered. In the older versions, the same reports would have the sections that don't display data as header and footer rendered.


The issue is caused by the change Report rendering now skips the generated blank pages. Use the property Report.SkipBlankPages to control this behavior that we introduced with R1 2021 SP1. The property default value is True, which prevents the report from rendering the report sections that don't contain data. In the case when there is no data returned at all, the entire report may not be rendered as explained in the article section Skip Blank Pages in the Rendered Report.

The solution is setting SkipBlankPages of your Reports to False, which will revert the previous behavior.

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