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How to Use Microsoft.Data.SqlClient Data Provider in Web Report Designer


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The Telerik Reporting engine is extensible and it provides options to register virtually any DbProvider to be used in your application. For .NET Framework this is done in the application configuration file, as explained in this article: Registering SqlDataSource data providers without installing driver.


For .NET Core applications, the approach is a bit different. Our assemblies are targeting .NET Standard 2.0 where DbProviderFactories class does not exist. Internally we have our own implementation of that class and this article explains how to register a new DbProvider in one line: How to register a DbProviderFactory in a .NET Core project.

However, the application configuration file needs to be modified too. The connection string should contain information which provider to use. If no provider is mentioned, the default one: System.Data.SqlClient will be used.

For that reason, the connection string entry should contain information about the DbProvider name, as shown below:

"ConnectionStrings": {
    "DefaultConnection": {
        "connectionString": "Data,1433;Initial Catalog=fhwa-tmas-sql-pool-dev;Persist Security Info=False;Authentication=Active Directory Integrated;Connection Timeout=30;",
        "providerName": "Microsoft.Data.SqlClient"

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