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Clearing the Redis Storage of the Telerik Reporting REST Service


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When redeploying or restarting an application that uses the Telerik Reporting REST Service, it might be necessary to clear the Reporting REST Service cache stored in Redis. This task can be accomplished through the Redis CLI by deleting all keys associated with the Reporting service. Keys can be identified by the Reporting version used or the HostAppId set in the report service configuration.

This KB article also answers the following questions:

  • How do I remove the Reporting REST Service cache from Redis on application restart?
  • What is the method to delete Telerik Reporting cache keys in Redis?
  • How can I ensure a clean Reporting cache in Redis for a new deployment?


To clear the Reporting REST Service cache from the Redis database, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Redis CLI.
  2. Use the KEYS command to find all keys related to Telerik Reporting. Replace with the version of Telerik Reporting used in your application or a pattern that matches your application's HostAppId.
    redis-cli KEYS "**"

    1. Delete the identified keys by passing them to the DEL command. shell redis-cli KEYS "" | xargs redis-cli DEL
    2. If the command from step 3 does not work for you, examine the output of the command from step 2 and make sure the keys are returned correctly. For example, if they contain spaces you may need to wrap them in quotes: shell redis-cli KEYS "" | sed 's/(.*)/"\1"/' | xargs redis-cli DEL
    By following these steps, you can ensure that the Telerik Reporting REST Service cache in Redis is cleared whenever your application is redeployed or restarted.

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