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Change row color based on a value in the row


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How we can change row color, or any other styling characteristic, using conditional formatting?


Note that this solution is applicable when column headers are placed in Group Header Section and detailed row is placed in detailed section as TextBox items.

  1. Select the detail section of your report.
  2. Select the ConditionalFormatting property of the detail section.
  3. Click the New Rule button.
  4. Enter a condition that should be true for the row to change color. For example:

    Expression: "=Fields.Flag"
    Operator: equal "=" 
    Value: "True"
  5. Click the Style button.
  6. Click the Background style item.
  7. Choose a background color from the drop down list or ellipses color selector. Change any other style characteristics you choose.
  8. Click OK to close each of the open dialogs.
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