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Apply Conditional Formatting Rules to Expandable Areas


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How can I alternate the row style when I have grouping in the table and the group content is expandable?


To solve this issue, refer to the demo report and use the following approach:

  1. Add a CSV DataSource with Group and Item columns.
  2. Add a table that displays only the items and add a row group based on "= Fields.Group".
  3. Set the Toggle Visibility action on "= Fields.Group".
  4. Set conditional formatting to the "= Fields.Group" cell as follows:

    **Expression** `= RowNumber()%2`
    **Operator** `=`
    **Value** `= 0`
  5. Set the conditional formatting to the "= Fields.Item" cell:

    **Expression** `= Exec("group", RowNumber())%2`
    **Operator** `=`
    **Value** `= 0`
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