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Align BarSeries DataPointLabel to the Graph Right Side


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If you set the DataPointLabelAlignment property of the BarSeries, you may align the data point labels with respect to the current datapoint base or end value. There is no option for aligning with respect to the Axis or with the Graph.

Suggested Workarounds

The property DataPointLabelOffset can move the label with a hard-coded value right-ward. If its value is bigger than the available width, it will place the label at the right-most possible position, i.e. as if it is right-aligned with respect to the Graph Chart Area. When you set the DataPointLabelConnectorStyle Visible to False, the data point label should appear as if the labels are right-aligned. Here are the exact steps:

  • Set DataPointLabelAlignment to OutsideEnd;
  • Set DataPointLabelOffset to a very large value, for example, the width of the Graph;
  • Set DataPointLabelConnectorStyle.Visible to False.


A sample may be found in our Reporting-Samples GitHub Repository - BarSeriesDataPointLabelAlignment.trdp

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