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Adjust Crosstab to Page Width


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I would like the crosstab to occupy always the entire page width. The crosstab columns are generated dynamically, based on the incoming data.


You may achieve the requirement with the Bindings of the column Width. You may take the number of columns to be generated from the column grouping Expression. The Page width may also be taken from the Global Object ReportDefinition.

Here is a sample Expression:

= (CDbl(Replace(CStr(ReportDefinition.PageSettings.PaperSize.Width), 'in', '')) - CDbl(Replace(CStr(ReportDefinition.PageSettings.Margins.Right), 'in', '')) - CDbl(Replace(CStr(ReportDefinition.PageSettings.Margins.Left), 'in', ''))) / Exec('crosstab1', CountDistinct( + "in"

The paper width and margins are in the format 1.5in, so the above Expression removes the unit 'in' to be able to divide the available width by the total number of columns, and then re-adds the unit 'in' to the final width. If you use different units, i.e. 'cm', etc., you need to change the expression correspondingly.

The Expression assumes that the page mode is Portrait. When the page is in Landscape mode, you have to replace the Width with the Height and the Right/Left margins with the Top/Bottom ones.

If there is other content that needs to be on the page away from the crosstab, it may be necessary to subtract other (constant) values from the total available page width.

The column width may only grow dynamically. For that reason, you need to make its default (design-time) width smaller than the minimum expected column width.

A demo report demonstrating the approach may be found in our Reporting Samples Github Repository DynamicCrosstabColumn.trdp.

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