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Add Custom Headers to Responses of the Reporting REST Service


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In some scenarios, you need the responses to have additional headers. In this case, you may override the ReportsController methods of the service to add the headers.


.NET and .NET Core

If you need custom headers for one or few of the responses, you need to override only the corresponding methods:

public class ReportsController : ReportsControllerBase
    public ReportsController(IReportServiceConfiguration reportServiceConfiguration)
        : base(reportServiceConfiguration)

    // ...

    public override JsonResult GetDocumentFormats()
        Response.Headers.Add("cross-origin-embedder-policy", "require-corp");
        return base.GetDocumentFormats();

If the headers should be added to all responses, it may be better to implement a universal solution.

The Stackoverflow thread How to add custom header to ASP.NET Core Web API response suggests some solutions.

With the below approach, you configure the application in the Program.cs file of .NET 6/7 project hosting the Reporting REST Service to add the custom headers to all responses, not only Reporting REST Service ones:

var app = builder.Build();

app.Use(async (context, next) =>
    context.Response.OnStarting(() =>
        context.Response.Headers.Add("cross-origin-embedder-policy", "require-corp");
        return Task.FromResult(0);

    await next();

// ...

This above code adds the header "cross-origin-embedder-policy": "require-corp" to all responses from the ReportsController and any other controller configured in the project.

.NET Framework

The solution is similar with the corresponding tools provided by the target framework.

The Stackoverflow thread Add a custom response header in ApiController elaborates on the available approaches.

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