Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2020

Import Report Wizard

Import Report Wizard guides you through the process of converting a report from another reporting format. The reporting solutions we can convert from are listed in Converting reports from other reporting solutions.

To start the report conversion:

  • Standalone Report Designer:

    • Select File | New | from the Telerik Report Designer File menu;

      Click on the Import Report Wizard template. Create file dialog opens;

      Choose a file name and directory. Click Save and the Import Report Wizard opens.

  • Visual Studio:

    • Create a new class library or use an existing one. Verify that the targeted .NET framework version is .NET4(+), Full profile as Client profile is not supported.

    • Right-click the project context menu and select Add | New Item | Telerik Report R3 2020 Import Wizard . Enter a name for the report class and click the Add button to close the dialog. The Import Report Wizard opens.

Report Converter Page Choose from a list of the available converters.
Report Conversion Summary This page lets you review the conversion summary. Click Finish to continue with the report setup.
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