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viewerToolTipOpening(e, args)

The event occurs before a tooltip is opened, providing the ability to cancel its opening.





This is the jQuery.Event object and is respectively jQuery's is the report viewer that raised the event.


An object with the following properties:

  • element - the DOM element that caused the tooltip opening.

  • toolTip - the current toolTip instance. Consists of title and text fields.

  • cancel - a flag that determines if the further processing of the action should be canceled or not.

// $(handler) is jQuery's shorthand for $(document).ready(handler)
$(function () {
    serviceUrl: "api/reports/",
    reportSource: {
        report: "Telerik.Reporting.Examples.CSharp.ProductSales, CSharp.ReportLibrary"

    viewerToolTipOpening: function(e, args)
        //disable a tooltip that contains '2004' in its title
        args.cancel = (/2004/i.test(args.toolTip.title));
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