Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2018

Embedded Expressions

Some properties that accept String values allow mixing text with expressions. When evaluated, expressions will be replaced by their result thus forming the runtime value of the property.

Expressions are embedded in a string literal by surrounding them with curly brackets {}:

Hi Mr. {Fields.LastName}, {Fields.FirstName}!

In the example above the expressions Fields.FirstName and Fields.LastName are embedded in a string constant and when evaluated will produce a result like this:

Hi Mr. Smith, John!

If used in a string literal, curly brackets - { } should be escaped with double brackets like this: {{ or }}.

The following properties support embedded expressions:

  • TextBox.Value
  • HtmlTextBox.Value
  • CheckBox.Text
  • ReportParameter.Text
  • ReportParameter.AvailableValues.DisplayMember
  • ReportParameter.AvailableValues.ValueMember
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