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By default only a certain number of report items and properties can handle expression values. The simple binding between the other properties of a report item and an expression is accomplished by adding Binding objects to the Bindings collection.

For example, you can bind the Style.BackgroundColor property of a TextBox item to an expression (=Fields.CarColor) that when evaluated returns an object of type appropriate for the property, System.Drawing.Color in this case. In certain cases using user-defined functions to perform appropriate type conversions should be considered.

When constructing a Binding instance with Binding constructor, you must specify:

  • the name of the property to bind; alternatively a period-delimited navigation path can be used to reference a property down the object hierarchy. For example the following navigation paths define valid properties:

    • "DataSource"
    • "Style.BackgroundColor"
    • "Style.Font.Name"

    Only write-enabled properties can be set through binding expressions, so read-only properties are not suitable for data-binding.

    Note: Not all item properties support expression bindings. Please refer to the API reference to check if a property supports binding.

  • an expression that will return the value for the property when evaluated at runtime.

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